Popular Tattoo Ideas for Ladies

Tattoos are a wonderful way to adorn the body as well as show off individual style and personality. Adding a tattoo can also be a way to bond with a loved one, show honor, or even memorialize someone special. Some of the most lovely tattoos are those gracing the female form. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular tattoo ideas for ladies as well as trends that have been witnessed regarding tattoo choices by women.

1. Birds

Ah, the bird tattoo. This is an idea that can be quite stunning if executed correctly by the tattoo artist. Many bird tattoos, including the sparrow, have been shown with a quote added to create more meaning to the person bearing the tattoo. One quote that is quite beautiful, “sometimes you have to fall before you can fly.” Another popular tattoo idea that features birds is the one with birds flying out of an open cage. This, too, can have strong meaning to the person wearing the tattoo.

Placement: Bird tattoos (as well as all tattoo ideas) may be placed anywhere, although popular placements include feet, along the clavicle, arms, the ribcage, and behind the shoulder.

2. Dreamcatchers

The dreamcatcher is another popular subject among tattoos for ladies. It stems from Native American culture, as the dreamcatcher would be woven to catch evil spirits and negative energies. This symbolism carries beautifully into the tattoo world, and the design itself is easily personalized to the individual bearing the tattoo.

Placement: Popular placements of the dreamcatcher include the back, between the shoulder blades, the hip, and the ribcage.

3. Anchors

Nautical tattoo ideas often bear an anchor, and at times the anchor is accompanied by a ship steering wheel. The anchor is a symbol of stability, and it can be personalized very easily, such as adding a rope or even a bouquet of flowers across the anchor itself. In addition, there are numerous styles of anchor to choose from, meaning your tattoo can still be unique despite the anchor’s popularity.

Placement: The anchor is a small tattoo, making it perfect for the wrist, ankle, foot, or any smaller place you prefer on your body (although most artists can create a large and highly detailed design for areas such as the back or thigh). When paired with a ship steering wheel, both arms, wrists, or even legs may be involved to show each symbol.


4. Trends

Feminine tattoos have always been popular with ladies, but the trend today is to bring a more modern touch to a beautiful work of body art. Many women are opting for tribal tattoos, as well as those that are given a geometric spin. In fact, animal silhouettes with a geometric filler design are on the rise, as well as half-animal, half-geometric shapes.

Regarding placement, the female form is enhanced with lovely designs placed on the sternum, the hips, the collar bone, rib cage, and other areas that highlight the curves of the body.

When working with your tattoo artist on a new tattoo idea, be sure to come up with a design that you love and that is unique to you, regardless of if you choose a popular design or not.

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